Transfer “Prima Tani” of AIAT South Kalimantan To Local Government


Mr Agus Supriyo and Leader of local goverment
Research and Development Agency (Research and Development), Ministry of Agriculture through the UPT-UPT in this area in Agricultural Technology Research Center since 2005, carrying out activities of Prima Tani as an activity of dissemination of agricultural innovations generated by the hall and scope of Research and Development Department of Agriculture research center that is longer.
By agreement with the Local Government, Assessment  Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) in South Kalimantan as one of the UPT scope of Agricultural Research and Development Department in 2005 carrying out these activities in Barito Kuala District. In 2007, the location of Prima Tani activities plus 6 (six) Regency ie, Tanah Laut, Tanah Bumbu, Hulu Sungai Selatan, Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Tengah, Hulu Sungai Regency North and Balangan, so that the overall location of activities in the province of Kalimantan Prima Tani south to 7 (seven) District. As the guardian of Agricultural R & D activities, the role AIAT from year to year is reduced to this role can eventually be replaced by the relevant agencies the scope of local government. Match Head of Research and Development Department of Agriculture's decision, that all of Prima Tani activities ended in 2009, so early in the year 2010 in AIAT of South Kalimantan  simultaneously Prima Tani transfer activities to the Regional Government.Furthermore, the Local Government can take advantage of the location of Prima Tani as pilot sites to develop rural agribusiness development in the region. Role of Agricultural Research and Development Department through next AIAT is the conduct and consistently carry out this dissemination of agricultural innovations in tune with the request to the Local Government Ministry of Agriculture and South Kalimantan continues to provide input to the progress of agricultural development in the region. A series of workshop activities Prima Tani (Transfer guarding Prima Tani) of AIAT in South Kalimantan to the Local Government.



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