Rural Agribusiness Development Appreciation In South Kalimantan


Apresiation Rural Agribusiness DevelopmentRural Agribusiness Development Appreciation Rate in South Kalimantan Province is part of human resource development activities in Rural Agribusiness Development (RAD). This meeting is an activity organized by the Center for Agricultural Training, coordinated by the Secretariat team coach RAD South Kalimantan Province is South Kalimantan Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT).

The aim of this activity are:
 1. First, to equalize the perception in the administration of human resource development to support the Program RAD.
 2. Secondly, to enhance understanding of the implementation of the Program RAD at the district / city in South Kalimantan.

 In this activity will be submitted materials regarding:
 (1) Policy for the Acceleration of the Implementation RAD Year 2010 in South Kalimantan,
 (2) Human Resource Development Policy RAD ;
 (3) Development of Implementation RAD in South Kalimantan,
 (4) Role of Coordinating Board of South Kalimantan in the Implementation Guidance RAD Program,
 (5) Technical Guidance Counseling Assistance and Training Combined farmer groups;
 (6) Financial Administration and Reporting Training; and
 (7) Preparation of Action Plan further. Resource persons in these activities comes from: Team coaches RAD South Kalimantan Province, Central Agricultural Training Binuang, Extension Coordinating Board of South Kalimantan Province and Assessment Center of Agricultural Technology in South Kalimantan.

Reported by Committee Chairman Ir. Taufik Rahman that Rural Agribusiness Development Appreciation Rate in South Kalimantan Province was attended by 40 participants, including: Secretary of the Technical Team RAD County / cities in South Kalimantan as many as 12 people, RAD Executive Staff at district / city after 12 people in South Kalimantan, Department of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops Panagan / Team Leader The coach of South Kalimantan Province RAD 2 people; Member of Team coach, respectively: Extension Coordination South Kalimantan Province 2 persons, the South Kalimantan Provincial Animal Husbandry 1 person, Plantation Office of South Kalimantan Province 1 person, AIAT Kalimantan South 4 people, and Center for Agricultural Training Binuang 6 people.

Implementation of this activity is financed through funds DIPA Human Resource Development Agency Ministry of Agriculture delegated to Center for Agricultural Training Binuang. Furthermore PUAP coach Team Leader of South Kalimantan Province which was read Dr. Agus Supriyo, MS that the South Kalimantan province have received funding RAD much as Rp. 34.1 Billion in 2008 and Rp. 23 Billion in the year 2009 so that within 2 years has received funding as much as 57.1 Billion. RAD Fund this much spread in 571 villages in 11 districts in South Kalimantan. Initial information states that by 2010 the amount of funds received RAD greater than in previous years. Based Kepmentan No. 2838 In 2010 there were 275 villages that receive funds RAD, estimated for the determination of Phase II there are 112 villages that has been allocated to fund this RAD.

Channeling funds Live Help Community RAD requires the availability of skilled human resources so as to follow the entire process in this RAD fund distribution. Starting from the Village and Combined farmer groups proposal, Document Preparation of Live Help Community RAD Filing, Setting Their use by Combined farmer groups, management of funds by the MFIs to use and return by the farmer, all require skilled human resources for the benefits to be felt by farmers on an on going basis.

Appreciation Rate RAD Kalimantan Province is one important link in the implementation RAD Program. Through these meetings designed training strategy to be implemented to enhance the knowledge and skills of Extension Assistant and Administrator Combined farmer groups , but it also strived persespsi equation regarding the implementation of this program among the parties involved in coaching RAD. We expect this meeting to improve the understanding of all parties involved in these activities against the objectives, strategies and implementation procedures RAD Program. In addition to the Action Plan designed to optimize the execution of operations for the Extension Training and Management Assistance Combined farmer groups in South Kalimantan.

Although the implementation of training for new companion extension can be implemented in October 2010, but the acceleration of the Program in South Kalimantan RAD still must we seek. We do not need to follow the stages of training that starts with TOMT and TOT to implement training for Extension Assistance and Administrator of this gapoktan. To accelerate implementation of the Programme RAD, we can exploit the potential of skilled manpower that has been available in the District, Good companion instructor who never exercised, Purnawidya TOT previous year and the supervisor Partners Farm on masking respective district. We can take advantage of all the potential that exist to support the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture who wish to accelerate the Combined farmer groups Distribution this fund, so it can more quickly again exploited the farmers.

The successful implementation of the program depends on the attention RAD District Government, in this case the implementation of this program in the field. Some districts that demonstrate good performance of fund development, it turns District Technical Team show care through monitoring and evaluation activities are well planned. Attention was also a pretty good area indicated by the ability to motivate the technical team in assistants Extension to provide guidance and facilitate preparation of reports properly.

In 2010 there are some districts that increased allocation of funds recipients Combined farmer groups. Live Help Community-RAD Part of an area that shows the performance of program implementation RAD good, some not related to their performance during this show. In the years to come, the performance of District Technical Team will be the main reference in determining the allocation amount of Combined farmer groups this RAD grantees. Each region is to count, how much money has been given the central government to support the development of agribusiness and agricultural institutions in their respective regions through this program. For that demanded greater participation from each region to provide Assistance Fund.



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