History AIAT South Kalimantan

         The Profile Of AIAT

 (Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology)

Of South Kalimantan


The history of the establishment of AIAT (Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology) of South Kalimantan is long enough. It was need a long time to realize this Institute and It’s participaton in The Development of Agribusiness System Based on Science and Technology in South Kalimantan. Since 1978 to 1979, It was named Agricultural Information Project. And then since 1979 until 1994 named us BIP ( Agricultural Information Institute ), Banjarbaru, which is The UPT ( Technical Implementation Unit ) under the Agency for Agricultural Education and Training, belongs to Department of Agricultural, with the main task and function for preparing and broadcasting The Agricultural Information ( printed, visual and hearing ). And also teaching the KTNA ( Qualified Farmer-Fisherman Contact ) group.

Long before entering The Autonomy Era in year 2001. That is in 1994 The Department of Agriculture was desentrelized the activity on Agricultural research and studies in any province and changed became AIAT (Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology). Main aim of the establishment of AIAT is to speed the technology transfer from research institute to the user ( i.e farmer ) through location specific assembled technology. Formerly, the agricultural studies instution was established by Keputusan Menteri Pertanian no.798 tahun 1994 ( Minister of Agricultural Becision no.798 year 1994) which consist of II AIAT as echelon III, 6 LPTP  (Station for Agricultural Technology Studies ) as enchelon, IV and 10 IPPTP ( Station for Research & Studies on Agricultural Technology ) which is non echelon. One of the IPPTP is located in south Kalimantan and it is under the AIAT Palangkaraya central Kalimantan Province, but administratively is coordinated by Kanwil Deptan Kalimantan Selatan (Departemen of Agricultural regional office of south Kalimantan ).

 Because the changing in govermentation system of the province of Indonesia, and to the necessary of each province of the development of agricultural technology in 2001 the AIAT of south Kalimantan was established under the Minister of Agricultural Decision No. 350 year 2001 as well as ether AIAT which located in each of 28 provinces in Indonesia with the level as echelon III .

The establishment of the AIAT south Kalimantan was started by joined three elements, i.e BIP (Institute for Agricultural Information) of Banjarbaru, SUBBALITVET (Veterinary Research Laboratory) of Banjarbaru, and a group Agricultural Socioeconomics Researches from BALITRA (Research Institute for Swamp Crops)  

AIAT of South Kalimantan  is located in the centre of Banjarbaru city that is at Jalan Panglima Batur Barat No. 4 Kelurahan Mentaos, Kecamatan Banjarbaru Utara, Kota Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan province.

  AIAT of South Kalimantan is the UPT (Technical Information nit) in Agricultural Research Technology Development under the head of BALITBANG (Agency for Agricultural Research and Development ). On routinely work this AIAT is coordinated by the head of the AIAT (Institute for Studies and Development on Agricultural Technology ) in Bogor, witch is echelon II office, as deiced by the Minister of Agriculture Regulation No. 16/Permentan/OT. 140/3/2006 about organization and management of AIAT.

To run its main task and function, the AIAT of South Kalimantan is facilitated with office building, auditorium, laboratory, digital library, three units of experimental field (KP) i.e. Kebun Percobaan  (Attempt Garden) Pelaihari,   Kebun Percobaan (Attempt Garden) and Kebun Percobaan (Attempt Garden) Alabio. AIAT is lead by director (echelon III a) which leading two echelon IV offices i.e. a Head Administration Sub Department, and a Head of Agricultural Studies Cooperation and Service Section.  AIAT head is also leading the group of researches, agricultural extensions worker, other worker and finance and worker attains.


Table 1 : History of establishment of AIAT South Kalimantan (Institute for Agricultural

             Technology Studies of South Kalimantan)



Name of Institute



1978 – 1979

Agricultural Information Project

1. Ir  Hanafiah Nizami, M Ed

2. Yusri Kaderi


1979 – 1994

Agricultural Information Institute at Banjarbaru

1. Yusri Kaderi

2. Ir  Suriatinah


1994 – 2001

Station of Research and Studies on Agricultural Technology (IPPTP)

3. Drh  Tarmudji, MS

4. Ir  Danu Ismadi Saderi, MS


2002 – 2009

Institute for Agricultural Technology of South Kalimantan (AIAT)

5. Ir  Danu Ismadi Saderi, MS

6. Dr  Ir. M. Sabran, M.Sc


2009 until the present

Institute for Agricultural Technology of South Kalimantan (AIAT)

7. Dr  Agus Supriyo, MS






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